The holiday season is a wonderful time of year and families around the world gather together to enjoy meals and exchange gifts.

As we tear open our latest gadgets and start downloading the latest apps and tools, it’s worth remembering that these fantastic gifts need to be looked after as well as enjoyed.

The good news is that it is very easy to keep your latest tablet or smartphone running smoothly and safely. With only a few tools and tips, you can make sure that you enjoy your new toy for years to come.


Get protected:

As you begin to fill your tablet or smartphone with your personal details, memories and downloads, it becomes more and more important to protect your device and your data.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, you run the risk of losing your files, so downloading an app like AVG AntiVirus for Android can help protect your files and recover your phone.

There’s even a worst case scenario remote wipe function so that you can be sure that even if your device is stolen, your data will stay safe.

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Watch out for Wi-Fi

If you’re out and about taking advantage of the Boxing Day sales, chances are you will want to connect to public while shopping.

As always, when connecting to Wi-Fi, make sure it’s from a trusted source. Insecure, public connections can often be fakes where the data you send and receive is monitored by opportunists and your personal information can be extracted.

For added security while out and about use Wi-Fi Do Not Track, the latest privacy feature in AVG PrivacyFix available on Android and iOS.


Lock Your Device

Just as you would protect personal information on your computer by using a password, you should do the same with your mobile device.

As mobiles and tablets soar in popularity and power, they have become ever more important to our everyday lives. These days we can email, shop, Facebook, Tweet, game and even bank from our phones and this information can easily fall into the wrong hands if our phones get lost or stolen.


Do you have any tips on keeping your new device safe? Have you ever lost a Christmas gift before the New Year? We’d love to know.