Are you the go-to person in your household when your family is having troubles with technology or gadgets need fixing or installing? If you are then we have great news for you.

Your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

At Mobile World Congress last week AVG announced AVG Zen which provides a single place to manage all your devices and software for protection, performance and privacy in real time.

AVG Zen has an easy to use dashboard that shows if you could benefit from AVG software to help secure the devices, data and people in your household.

Let’s take my own household as an example. We have simply too many devices for me to keep track of the security, optimization and privacy settings on each one. I can’t remember exactly when I last ran an antivirus scan on my Android smartphone, cleaned up the disk on my desktop or checked my son’s social media sharing settings on his tablet.

Fortunately I don’t have to.

By using AVG Zen I can now track all the AVG software that is on our devices, my wife has AVG AntiVirus Free on her PC, my son has AVG Internet Security and AVG AntiVirus for Android on both a tablet and on his phone and I have AVG Antivirus on my PC, phone and tablet.

Having a single dashboard that shows me the live status of my AVG network and any potential issues means that we can travel, work and play with the confidence of knowing that we are secure, optimized and as private as we choose to be. And importantly, when my son messes with his configuration or switches off a feature I will receive a handy notification wherever I am in the world.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to the various features in AVG Zen.


As the Internet of Things grows and more of our lives get connected, AVG Zen will provide a single place to manage them all and keep them secure and as private as you wish.

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