Over the last few week’s we’ve been publishing our Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your New PC.

Part One was for beginners and gave tips to help rid your PC of some basic clutter

Part Two was a little more complex and taught you how to claim back valuable disk space from all those unused programs.

Part Three had tips for advanced users and showed them how to improve PC performance by controlling and shutting unwanted services from their PC.

This week we’re going to look at how much of a difference all 10 tips can make to your system.


The system:

In our experiment, we pre-loaded a new Acer Iconia W3 tablet with some of the most common programs that currently come preinstalled on PCs as well as some of the most-used programs on the market (see our whitepaper) and compared the startup performance and experience before and after optimizing it using our ten tips and AVG PC TuneUp!


See the difference:

Here’s a little before and after!

Clean Desktop Before+After

Before and after: Cleaning up your desktop and hard disk as well as optimizing your system with AVG PC TuneUp will boost your productivity and performance!


Feel the difference:

To measure the performance improvement we used the de-facto industry standard: Futuremarks PCMark 8. This benchmarking tool simulates workload, such as browsing, writing, photo editing or gaming, and measures how good your PC is at handling this stuff!

The results are mind-blowing:

PCTU 20 percent boost

PCMark 8s performance “score” went up from 798 to 958 – an increase by 20% just with a few optimization steps and AVG PC TuneUp. So what does that mean in detail? PCMark 8 performs a couple of tests:


PC Mark Before



PC Mark After

Almost all tasks showed an increase in performance: Websites (see “JunglePin” and “Amazonia”) were loaded up to 10% faster and word processors also performed 25% quicker than before. Additionally, the delay in video chat was reduced from 980ms to 527ms – that’s 46% less lag in video chat. Not bad!


Have you got some tips to share?

We’re curious: How many programs came preloaded with your PC and how much faster is it now that you’ve followed our tips & tricks? Do you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share?

Let us know!