Mobile security threat alert – Issued: 15 Feb. 2011 18:30 CET

AVG Mobile Solutions has alerted smartphone users to a potentially hazardous new Trojan targeting Android devices. The “ADRD” Trojan targets Android users and is part of a Chinese multi-platform network AVG report that a similar threat from the same botnet targeting other smartphone platforms such as Symbian S60.

As it infects a device, the ADRD trojan registers itself to sensors of network activity, alarms and various other OS events. Once fully installed, the trojan feeds back the phone’s unique IMEI/IMSI number, with each infected smartphone becoming part of the botnet.

No further details are available at this stage however, users of AVG’s free Android antivirus product ANTIVIRUSFree are already protected through its cloud-based detection algorithms and do not need an update to their software.

More information on the ADRD will follow but for information on downloading AVG’s free antivirus app for Android phones visit the AVG website.

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