You’ve got a new smartphone. It’s very exciting, isn’t it? You rip it out of its packaging enthusiastically and admire its sleek lines … and then you’re off, exploring and downloading all your favorite apps and some new ones you find along the way.

But after a while of using your personalized smartphone, you start to notice that it’s running a bit slowly. Navigating menus is a nightmare and  it takes forever to write an email.

And maybe your battery runs out after only three hours.

Not to mention the high data costs that smartphones can rack up on the sly. With messaging, maps, video and music streaming, suddenly it’s not the number of calls you make that’s important, but how much free data you get with your contract.

Well, if you have an Android device that suffers from any or all of these smartphone symptoms, help is at hand. AVG has come up with a great new app that will save you from using data without knowing it and helps you clean up your smartphone at the same time.

AVG Uninstaller helps you:

  • Free up device memory which will make your phone run faster
  • Improve battery life by disabling unwanted apps
  • Reduce data costs by showing you exactly which apps are using the most data
  • Manage all of the apps on your device, showing you how much space they use, when you last used them, and letting you bulk delete apps which you no longer want.


Perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with one and stopped using it, or downloaded an app for a particular event, such as the Olympics 2012, and haven’t removed it subsequently. AVG Uninstaller will take a look at your app usage and give you regular recommendations of the ones you might like to uninstall.

Fully configurable, it’s entirely up to you how often you purge your unwanted apps and it’s up to you to decide just how long is ‘too long’ not to have used an app.

Even if you just want a quick and simple way to rearrange the apps on your Android device, AVG Uninstaller has you covered.

Download it for FREE today and spring clean your Android smartphone or tablet.