Spending the large part of our existence examining malicious code and data as AVG does, users naturally want to know that we ourselves come under the spotlight to receive an appropriate level of analysis from industry experts.

Questions to be asked include whether we have we presented our most recent AVG Internet Security edition with clear on screen installation and subsequent user menu options? Is the product as light on system resources as it needs to be? Does it provide the robust levels of security protection that it needs to… and is it agile and expansive enough to cover risks emanating from multiple attack sources from email to the web to social media and onwards?

AVG Rationale & Position

These are the questions that will be asked of AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012 as we now present our “reviewers guide” to analysts, media and the public at large. It is important at this time of version update to detail the mechanics of our software’s enhancement, extension and augmentation. This not only justifies our rationale for continually enhancing AVG’s protection layers, but it also helps clarify our market positioning which is especially important for our small to medium sized business users.

The reviewers guide exists to take AVG-watchers, journalists, analysts and the complete community of Internet security specialists through the improvements that have been built into our 2012 edition business level product, which is of course now available.

Detailing the improved new administration console and the fact that AVG 2012 now consumes on average 45% less in terms of disk space, this guide makes it clear that this is protection suitable for Internet-active companies performing a wide range of online activities involving banking or purchasing transactions – as well as customer, supplier or partner communications.

Size and shape

The AVG 2012 Business Edition reviewer’s guide takes the reader through the installation and usage of all the major component elements of the AVG suite. Featuring screen shots of AVG’s System Tools functionality, set up options and the AVG’s Remote Administration Console, we explain how a user can enable simple and rapid deployment of AVG across business networks.

There are also subsections here to read up on AVG’s Community Protection Network, the Auto Fix button and our Protective Cloud Technology. We also explain how our multiple scanning engines and behavioural detection tools work to simultaneously identify emerging and previously unknown threats.

Benchmarking AVG Metrics

Featuring a complete section devoted to tangible benchmarked improvement measurements, the reviewer’s guide details the light (and still decreasing) load that AVG Internet Security has upon a user’s computer. Among the metrics available here are performance improvements including 20% less resource usage, 50% smaller download size, a 20% to 50% faster scan time and a 10% faster browser launch time for a machine with AVG installed.

This essential industry-facing background document explains that AVG Business Edition 2012 sets out to be the simplest, most tailored security software for small businesses available today. We truly believe that for businesses looking for protection without impeding performance, AVG is the most compelling product on the market. Customers can essentially set and forget — with peace of mind that we will take care of the rest while they interact in the connected world.

Media Coverage

AVG 2012 Business Edition Coverage has reached readers across almost titles with a combined circulation of over 750,000 readers — a number which is increasing every day as key trade and consumer media sources continue to analyse and examine our latest product.

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