AVG’s success lies in delivering Internet Security solutions to our community of over 110 million active users worldwide. This is a huge number of connected individuals and so, naturally, with volume comes diversity. This is why AVG Free exists at one end of our product range; and AVG Premium Security exists at the other.

AVG Premium Security is an enhanced version of Internet Security 2011. Its key features focus on identity monitoring services, but it also packs additional punch with a PC analysis and optimisation solution.



Identity Monitoring

A basic reality of our Internet-connected world is that hackers want to steal users’ personal identity and credentials and then monetize this action through various illegal methods and practices.

AVG believes that prevention is always the best cure. Because of this, our Premium service is engineered to provide protection that acts before a user experiences the damaging effects of identity theft. Our extended service works in unison with our Internet Security product, which provides users with malware prevention based on signatures, heuristics and behaviour-based detection.

But even with a fully protected computer, users will register online with third party databases where personal profile data is shared (when e-shopping for example) and the problem is that these companies (or other bodies) are themselves being compromised. So no matter how secure a computer, data that resides with third parties is out of a user’s hands.

Examples here go further than electronic shopping and could include healthcare details held with a doctor, schools, universities, member’s cards for retail stores, local clubs, local councils, utility companies etc.

A user’s address on its own is not much use, but if hackers start to get more information and build up multiple attributes of information about a person then they might be able to gauge a person’s salary, where they travel to and how often etc. Even credit card number or online banking credentials by themselves worth to hackers a fortune.

AVG Premium addresses this identity-monitoring problem with a service driven by a group of researches who spend their time examining hacker servers, hacker websites, online auctions of stolen data and other cyber-criminal resources to look for stolen information. If an AVG Premium Security customer’s information is found in such places, then the Premium service will inform the customer that this identity has been stolen and help to take further actions to mitigate risk before any damage is actually caused.

Of course, the stolen data may have been stolen, but not yet been used – and so AVG Premium Security will advise a user proactively whether they should change their password, revoke their credit cards or provide other methods and actions to address the problem of the stolen data from the third party. AVG Premium Security’s ability to act “before” the theft has been acted upon sets it apart as truly unique in the Internet Security marketplace.

Identity monitoring in AVG Premium Security goes beyond securing your computer, it also proactively monitors the dark side of the Internet looking if someone has your identity and help you to prevent a misuse of that.


PC Performance

Not only does AVG Premium Security feature identity monitoring, there is also an enhancement designed to optimise a user’s PC performance. AVG PC Analyzer included in AVG Internet Security 2011 scans and looks for problems, but does not fix them on the spot.

To fix identified errors, users need to download AVG PCTune up. This service is available to any user free of charge for one day on a trial basis. Once downloaded, AVG PCTune up will scan and fix any errors found on a user’s PC.

AVG Premium features AVG Quick Tune, which does even more than PC Analyzer; a user can run scans immediately and recurrently for as long as they like and fix them immediately there and then from inside the application itself.

More information on Premium Security can be found at www.avg.com/Premium-Security