AVG is excited to be kicking off a beta launch of AVG LiveKive, a free, cloud-based storage solution that offers customers a completely new approach to safeguarding their most valuable information, next week.  

What is LiveKive?

AVG LiveKive provides simple, safe and reliable storage that makes the process of archiving and sharing content as intuitive and secure as keeping money in a bank.

Why will users want it? 

  • Uses get five free gigabytes of leading-class secure storage
  • Immediate access to content from all their synced devices 
  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • Efficient way of backing up data and safeguarding relevant information and content

What do we say about it? 

“With AVG LiveKive, AVG is taking its passion and expertise in free security technology to the cloud-based storage market,” said J.R. Smith, chief executive officer of AVG Technologies. “By storing information on our safe and secure servers, customers significantly reduce the temptation for thieves and hackers to attempt accessing files stored on an individual PC or mobile device.”