Tech-lockup-with-desktop---LiveKive Have you ever worried about losing all your photos, email addresses and contacts and important documents that are stored on your computer’s hard drive.  Well most people are aware of the importance of backing up, but most fail to do it.

And when disaster strikes and your computer’s hard drive fails or your laptop or mobile phone is stolen, we all know the sinking feeling that accompanies the realisation that your important memories or contacts are now gone forever.

That’s why AVG has launched a secure online backup, storage and sharing service called AVG LiveKive. Here is a more in depth look at the product, its features and benefits.

Great User Experience:

  • Unlimited number of devices per user
  • Access your files from your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android or Linux device
  • Maximise your storage via de-duplication, which removes duplicate files
  • Network Health meter measuring network latency so you always know how fast your connection is
  • Our storage indicator will make sure that you always know how much data you are storing


  • Backup and restore files
  • Incremental backup allows fast backups as only files that are new or changed get backed up
  • Full historical versioning so you can access any version of the file you’re after
  • Delete protection allowing you to restore mistakenly deleted data indefinitely
  • Different


  • Provides a single location where you can sync files and folders from many devices
  • Merge function allows one time sync across multiple folders and multiple devices
  • Automated Backup and Sync takes the hassle out of remembering to back up
  • Schedule regular backups and syncs so you never miss a backup


  • Share files with family, friends and colleagues via a “share room”
  • Shared files are updated automatically if changes are made
  • Control access to your share rooms with user ID keys


  • Military grade encryption makes sure that your personal data never falls into the wrong hands
  • Optional zero knowledge policy
  • Optional password protected client start up

What is the pricing structure for AVG LiveKive?

  • 5GB for free
  • US: $49.99 for 25GB and US$79.99 for Unlimited
  • UK: £34.99 for 25GB and £54.99 for Unlimited
  • Canada: CAD$49.99 for 25GB and CAD$79.99 for Unlimited
  • Ireland: €39.95 for 25GB and €64.95

With AVG’s LiveKive, it’s never been easier to make sure whatever matters to you stays safe and is secure. Download LiveKive here and apply for your FREE account