AVG is pleased to announce AVG TuneUp for Android, our powerful new FREE tool to help Android users keep their mobile phones running quickly, smoothly and stably.

It has four unique tools that will allow Android users to take full control of their mobiles and tablets and optimise them to suit their needs.

Task Killer:

We’ve all got apps we no longer use. They make our devices cluttered and slow and can even make them freeze.  Task Killer allows you delete your unwanted apps in a single click, making it easier than ever to keep your phone sleek and optimised.

Task Killer also shows which apps you use the least and how much memory they use so you know exactly how much RAM you can free up by deleting them.


Battery Consumption:

Smartphones often get criticised for their poor battery life, but with AVG’s Battery Consumption tool, you can adjust your settings to dramatically improve it.

Firstly, there are the Power Saving Options which gives you a list of the core things that are draining your battery and lets you set which ones you want to switch off or change to save power.

Secondly, the Battery Saver gives Android users an easy to view battery consumption status that you can set up to warn you at a level you choose so you’ll never be caught without power again.


Data Usage manager:

Mobiles are getting smarter and we are spending more time streaming videos and music, Tweeting and Instagraming on them, all of which can add up to some expensive data costs.

AVG TuneUp for Android helps reduce these costs by giving you a detailed breakdown of your data usage and sets alerts to warn you when you are approaching your data limits.

Data usage also shows you which of your apps are using the most data so that you won’t get stung when your maps app uses up your whole allowance!


Storage Space manager:

Space on our phones is competitive real estate. We juggle apps, photos, music, videos and emails in a constant battle to keep the things we want and delete those we don’t.

This is where AVG TuneUp for Android can help with its Storage Space manager. Storage Space will tell you what is taking up space on both your phone and any SD cards, making it easier for you to decide what you want to keep and what you don’t.


So whatever your needs, whether it is to make your phone last longer, run faster or clean up all the junk you’ve gathered over months of use, AVG TuneUp for Android can help you get the most of your pocket companion.

AVG TuneUp for Android is available for FREE from the Google Play store