Fix Good news! AVG’s hard working product team have managed to resolve a longstanding issue with AVG’s LinkScanner technology dramatically slowing down browsing on Facebook.

The product team have been collecting the feedback, reports and information that our community have been providing on the AVG Free Forum. Our community feedback has played a large part in the fixing of this issue, so a big thanks to all of you who sent in your logs and reports to help us solve the problem.

The issue, which was brought up in several Feedback Updates, has been resolved with the latest patch (1388) which should be downloaded and installed automatically by your AVG program.

At AVG we are working hard to take your feedback and your issues into account, which is why we’re also happy to announce that AVG Safe Search is now compatible with Firefox 5.

Firefox, the open source browser, has seen a large resurgence in popularity after many dropped it for the less process-heavy Chrome. It’s important for us at AVG to keep our users secure and protected regardless of their browsing choice so we’re pleased to now offer Safe Search for Firefox 5.

If you’re looking for more information on our previous fixes and patches, you can view the version release notes here. If you’d like to get involved to help us improve AVG you can get involved at the AVG Free Forum and watch out for the AVG Feedback Updates on the blogs.