There have been several recent reports that declare,”antivirus software is dead”.  However; many experts, vendors, market analysts, and most importantly consumers, would agree with our opinion here at AVG that antivirus software is very much here to stay.

More than a decade ago, AVG Technologies disrupted the market by introducing the freemium model to the PC antivirus industry, which until that time had paid-only vendors offering products to consumers. Today AVG, the online security company™, has more than 187 million active users.

And today, there is still no question regarding a need for security at the endpoint – either PC or mobile.

For those who still believe endpoints should no longer have security software, even with all the recent threats, I would like to share my opinion on this:

  • Over the years, computer threats have evolved as a result of changes in security technologies. This is why we continually hear about new types of threats, as hackers are searching for new methods – just like with any other crime, this is not expected to change soon.   Therefore, innovation indeed remains important and we will continue to progress our technologies.
  • Some people still believe antivirus is all about a signature match to a known variant of a virus/malware. Although this is where antivirus started (about 30 years ago), modern security software like AVG AntiVirus FREE goes way beyond that.
  • To protect PCs and mobile devices against today’s threats, endpoints need to be protected with combination of security technologies – signatures, heuristics, behavioral-based approaches, cloud-based detection, network & application layer inspectors etc. – working together to protect the endpoint.
  • Security is all about layers, signatures matching is just one out of many currently available.
  • Finally, and perhaps the strongest point, is that AVG is detecting millions of threats in our user base everyday, so the threats are not going away.

AVG Antivirus is available for FREE on PC, Android, and Mac devices.  If you would like protection from a company that recognizes the importance of antivirus as part of a full portfolio required for such protection, we would like to welcome you to the AVG family of 187 million active users today.