"f" LogoYou may have heard recent news about a recent Facebook TM announcement that they are extending the scope of their social search function, Facebook Graph Search TM.

The update to Graph Search will greatly expand which kinds of information are displayed in search results meaning that user data such as status updates, photo captions, comments and check-ins will all be displayed. Of course, that information still is only available to other Facebook users who could find it directly through your timeline; but this means that if you fail to lock down your basic privacy settings, nearly everything you write, comment or do on Facebook could be available for others to search for.

Take an example:  A user could search for “Photos of Single Women, Living In London who have checked into Hard Rock Cafe in the last two months” and the results, and there are plenty, are there for all to see.

To think about more extreme examples, what does a search of “Married men in Las Vegas who have checked into Spearmint Rhino in the last two months” return?

Facebook’s search is increasing in power much faster than people are realising that their life is being digitally sorted and indexed.

It’s important to remember that you prevent your information and pictures from showing up in public searches such as these by carefully going through your privacy and tagging settings.

Here is what you need to do, paying close attention to the areas highlighted in red.


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