This October, OracleTM released a number of security updates/fixes to their product range, which includes JavaTM.

A total of 127 security fixes were released, of which 50 were designed to address security vulnerabilities in Java that could “be exploitable without authentication”.


What does this mean to the average consumer?

Java is a programming language used to develop everything from websites to Minecraft and without it much of the internet would not work for us. As such it’s on most of our computers and devices.

This update will either install automatically or you will be prompted by Windows to allow the Java updater to run. It’s important you allow this process!

This large security update highlights the importance of keeping your system up to date, whether it’s the operating system, antivirus software, browser or other application. Vendors continue to work hard to patch their software and release new versions so that our machines run smoothly and in a secure and safe way.

If prompted, be sure to update to benefit from this new, more secure version of Java.