Tech-lockup-with-desktop---LiveKive Data storage is nothing new. For hundreds of years, we’ve been able to retrieve captured moments over and over again through various forms of recordable media. A primitive version of the punch card first appeared in 1725. And as far back as a thousand years ago, the world heard its first music box.

But it was with 1826’s first permanent photograph when the human race was treated to a parade of inventions—punctuated by the phonograph in 1877 and motion picture camera in 1888—that solidified the way we experience, express, and document our modern-day lives.

Since then, remarkably, not much has changed in the kinds of media we consume. We still enjoy photographs, listen to music and watch motion pictures. What has changed is the way we store and re-experience this content. Ideas once recorded on clay tablets are now digitized, so they’re easier to create and share virtually anywhere. It also means they’re easier to lose.

Digital data can be corrupted and lost in so many ways. From hard drive failures to malware to simply leaving a laptop on the bus, it’s a common fact of life. But when this data includes a toddler’s first word or a college research paper, losing it becomes so much harder to bear.

But that’s the thing about data—it’s inherently valuable. As a consumer we asked about backing up data said, “If I lose my laptop, I lose the first seven years of my daughter’s life.” Yet, as emotionally tied we are to digital media, most of us won’t do anything to protect it. We simply assume our data is safe. But as 150,000 Gmail users learned last month when a glitch accidentally wiped out their accounts, data is never safe.

That’s why we have made it as easy as possible for consumers to store, secure and share their data by launching a new online back-up and sharing service called AVG LiveKive

But why would a security software company add a back-up service to its portfolio? Because when it comes to your data, AVG wants you to have peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether your data is lost or stolen—either way it’s gone. Make no mistake, safe storage is security.

And that’s what you get with AVG LiveKive: a trusted source storing and securing your digital life complete with file scanning, and other safety options, such as military-grade encryption. And to ensure all your data is protected, AVG LiveKive allows you to sync data with all your other devices—including cell phones, tablets, laptops and PCs —to make sure your songs, pictures, movies, texts, documents and other files are all safe in one spot.

Check it out, and be sure to share with us any experiences you might’ve had with data loss. We know how heartbreaking this can be!