This Wednesday September 11, saw leading experts and journalists from the technology descend on London’s The Hospital Club to celebrate the launch of the AVG 2014 product range and to discuss the growing issue of privacy with our panel of security and privacy specialists.

Privacy has been one of the major talking points in 2013 and global news stories about governments tracking their own citizens has done little but raise questions over our online privacy.

In AVG’s latest research, a remarkable 86% of people said they were aware of privacy issues on their devices and social networks.

It seems that each of us need to make an individual choice about how much we are willing to let technology log every detail of our lives.

And that’s where AVG PrivacyFix comes in. Earlier in September, AVG announced the release of its latest privacy tool which allows users to control their privacy settings across all social networking accounts and manage tracking from one simple dashboard.
But Privacy wasn’t the only topic discussed by our panel though. For more details, read on…

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