Few could argue that the smartphone is one of the most important tools for our modern day connected lives. They stop us getting lost, show us where to eat and whether to take an umbrella. It’s clear that as our gateway to much of the digital world, our smartphones are an extremely important piece of kit.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the millions of apps that provide the services we need. Take one look at the Google Play store and you’ll find more apps than you could ever want. In fact there are now well over a million apps available on the Google Play store, from only 2,000 in March 2009.

With the average smartphone user downloading 25 apps, it’s important to make sure that our devices are running smoothly and that we know exactly what resources they are using.

Introducing Cleaner for Android

That’s one of the reasons that this week we launched the latest version of AVG Cleaner for Android which represents a step forward for free Android performance apps.

In this version we have integrated several features from previously independent AVG apps, meaning that AVG Cleaner for Android has even more tools to boost the performance of your Android device.

AVG Cleaner for Android helps you monitor the storage, data and battery performance of your Android device and gives you tools to help save space, reduce data costs and extend your battery life.

  • Cache cleaner- Clear up junk cache files to help free up space for the things you love
  • Data Monitor- Rank your apps by how much network data they use, so that you can always be under your usage limit.
  • Battery saver- will help you see what’s eating up your battery life and easily switch them off to save power for when you need it most

The app uninstaller feature also lists the top battery, storage and data hogs on your machine – and one easy way to get rid of the ones you no longer need!

During the last 6 months, AVG measured the performance of some of the most popular apps and ranked them by battery usage, storage size and network usage.

Take a look at the results and see if any of your apps have made the list:

Top performance hogs


Apart from bringing all the performance tools you could need into one app, AVG Cleaner for Android can now connected to AVG Zen, our platform which allows you to check on the performance status of any device that you own – PC, Mac or Android. Using the AVG Zen App  for Android it’s never been easier to make sure that all of your devices are running smoothly.

If you’d like to see which apps are affecting the performance of your device, download the new AVG Cleaner for Android today and let us know what results you get!