On Friday, 31 January, AVG announced we were closing the CrossLoop website and related products and services. We are in the process of proactively contacting all customers that have a valid, active subscription to provide a refund. We have received some questions about this decision which I wanted to address, as we know it has caused inconvenience to some users.

The main question asked is why. One reason is that the infrastructure was getting out-of-date and unreliable. Increasingly, we were addressing site outages, which were impacting customer experience.

As part of our innovation strategy, AVG purchased CrossLoop to help build out AVG CloudCare, our own offering to SMB customers. Fast forward 18 months, and CrossLoop is no longer complementary to AVG’s ongoing strategy. Analysis of the overall market for such products and services in fact indicated that demand was waning, as demonstrated by other players also having withdrawn from this space.

Our plan to discontinue the service has been discussed internally for some time. A significant investment would therefore have been needed to further develop the site to provide the delivery and quality that AVG prides itself on delivering to its customers.

It was our intention to keep the platform alive so that users could migrate to other services (PCWorld.com has a good list of recommendations) ; however, given the outage last week, AVG made a more immediate decision to close it down and refund customers.

That some of the services offered by CrossLoop were free was not material to our decision. The freemium model is in fact one that AVG established in the security software industry – we were the first company to offer a free AntiVirus product that was available to everyone. Over ten years later, we are still offering new, free products and have recently added a free online privacy app, AVG PrivacyFix, for Facebook users, and AVG AntiVirus for MAC.

We do appreciate that some customers are unhappy about this decision so we have set up two dedicated support emails which we would encourage you to contact if you have concerns:

  • Crossloop-support@avg.com: for all inquiries about the service and your account
  • Crossloop-refunds@avg.com: if you think you are entitled to receive a refund but have not received one by 28 February 2014, please use this email address to escalate your inquiry.

Thank you for being customers and we regret any inconvenience caused.