Businesswoman-on-benchIn business we spend a lot of time discussing and theorizing about our customers their needs and wants and defining our relationship with them.

At AVG, we’re keen to talk about trust and why it’s one of our core values when it comes to customer relationships.

Here is how I interpret it. I spend a lot of time on the road for AVG given that it’s a massive global company with offices in Prague, San Francisco, London and Tel Aviv.

When I’m away from home, my computer, my tablet and my smartphone allow me to take the people I want with me, wherever I am. I can see them via Skype, I can message them via an IM app, and I can play games with them via our current favorite game app.

As I explore my online world behind the glass of my devices, I can trust the people I talk to, the places I go, the information I research and share, because they are protected by AVG. I know who I trust and what I trust, AVG lets me be myself online, the way I want to.

But it’s not just the security of my devices and software, it’s also incredibly important that the information I share both at work and at play is safe and protected.

With AVG, I can manage my privacythe way I want to. I can choose to amplify the protection at any time. Change it, increase it, manage it. I can keep control of my life online because AVG gives me the choice and the tools to do so.

But as well as security and privacy, AVG also wants to improve device performance.To make sure my old PC is running as smoothly and efficiently as it can be, or that my smartphone has the optimum battery life, so I can enjoy them without any technical frustrations. We think of this as AVG enabling everything behind the glass. This vision is another element of how the company is building its future.

In five years’ time, we believe that AVG will have more mobile users than PC users due to the growing popularity of mobile devices. Our direction and strategy is to provide ALL our users with ALL the protection, privacy and performance they need for ALL their devices. At AVG we look at the online world like this:

  • It’s a multi-device world: PC, tablet, smartphone … we have 155 million active users worldwide, 44 million are mobile customers
  • We connect people, places and experiences
  • Everything is available, everything is protected
  • I know who I trust and what I trust
  • I am in control … of my protection … my privacy
  • And everything works the way it should

In a nutshell, that’s our business and our vision today.

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