1. Blackhole ransom ware impersonates UK Metropolitan Police site

This Blackhole ransom ware install pretends to be from theUK’s Metropolitan Police, claims the victim’s computer was used to view child pornography and demands payment of a “fine” of ₤100 to be sent via untraceable Ukash transfer.



2. Blackhole spam


This spam email threatens revocation of the victim’s Certified Public Accountant certification because of fraud. Although there are three links in the email, they all lead to the same place, and that’s ready with Blackhole exploit kit downloads.




3. Tax time approaches, so do the spammers


The April 15 deadline for taxes in theU.S.is on its way. Soon there will be news stories and  features about tax preparation and filing on network radio and TV, Internet news sources and in the print media. We’ve seen the below malicious spam emails with a tax theme already and expect to see more. Internet users should beware.



4. Windows Stability Guard


AVG researchers found a Blackhole exploit kit installation delivering the Windows Stability Guard rogue.




Windows Stability Guard payment screen



5. Blackhole install on work-at-home scam page

Spammers have been using web pages that impersonate television news sites for some time in an attempt to make their victims believe their work-at-home scams. The pages normally have a bogus story about the scams that promises ridiculously high earnings. Normally the visitor will be surprised that the person making all the money is from the same town or city. Spammers use a GeoIP trick to display the victims IP address.

We are seeing more of these pages serving exploits.


– AVG Threat Research Group