When Microsoft announced the vulnerabilities of legitimate Gadgets last year, AVG monitored the situation very carefully to ensure that our customers were protected from any potential threats or vulnerabilities.

Microsoft subsequently made a further announcement that they were discontinuing the availability of the Sidebar and Gadgets from their website due to ‘serious vulnerabilities.’

In response to Microsoft’s announcement, we decided to protect our customers by listening to Microsoft and proactively removing the AVG Gadget from the Sidebar. This decision was not taken lightly and the primary reason was to protect our users from what Microsoft themselves termed ‘Serious Vulnerabilities’.

AVG is an online security company that provides antimalware technology to protect users and we see it as a core part of the service we provide our users to neutralize and remove threats, vulnerabilities and exploits.

If you have any questions regarding the AVG Windows Gadget please get in touch with customer support at www.avg.com/customer-support‎