AVG has recently launched two new applications to help optimize and protect Apple Mac OS X devices.

It’s another step towards our commitment to provide protection, performance and privacy for every platform, across all devices

Our platform and device-agnostic approach means augmenting our predominantly PC and security focused business to include Apple.  And why not?

We recognize that the Mac platform has traditionally (and incorrectly) been seen as virus free, but now that the operating system has gone beyond 10% of market share, it’s become an attractive and potentially lucrative target for cybercriminals. So we foresee a growing need to secure these devices.

Our protection product, AVG AntiVirus for Mac is available for free on AVG.com and I’d encourage you to try it out. It features a powerful security engine that works in real time to detect and remove not just Mac-specific viruses and spyware, but also threats that may be spread to infect PC and mobiles too.

But AVG is no longer just about protection; we also make products that improve performance. Even a Mac’s performance can be slowed over time by a build up of duplicate files, cached data and temporary files clogging up its hard drive, degrading the user experience.

In fact, last year Forrester’s North American  Technogaphics Online Benchmark survey showed that when it compared behavior of Mac and PC users, those who used Macs were more likely to read blogs, watch videos, listen to or download music and look at photos. All activities that might lead to collecting data clutter.

So if you want to keep your Mac in tip-top condition, download AVG Cleaner for Mac for free from the Mac App Store. It will help boost performance by tackling invisible data trash and unwanted duplicate files that gather on the device – and will retrieve lost disk space, leaving more room to store precious photos, music or other files.

These two new Mac products join AVG’s PrivacyFix app which is already on available for Mac users via Firefox and Chrome.

Whether you’re decluttering, protecting your machine or safeguarding your privacy, AVG is committed to giving you the tools to help, whatever device you use.