Some of you may have noticed that the search services and toolbar being offered with your AVG product has changed to ‘AVG Nation’. This is a new partnership that AVG has with a company known as InfoSpace, to help provide our users with a search experience that offers increased safety and security features.

The ‘AVG Nation’ toolbar, homepage and search services from InfoSpace include features to help protect you from malware, fraudulent and scam web sites so that you may have increased peace of mind when browsing. Both the toolbar and homepage search results benefit from being enhanced by AVG Linkscanner®, a key feature of the AVG security portfolio.

In addition the ‘AVG Nation’ toolbar includes AVG Do Not Track, which helps give you control over your privacy by allowing you to know which websites collect information about your browsing habits so that you can decide whether you wish to be tracked or not.

Why do we partner with another company to provide this service? That’s a great question and the explanation is simple – our expertise and efforts are directed to help keep you safe, secure and getting a great experience on your devices that are connected to the internet, whether on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

InfoSpace’s expertise is providing a great search experience and delivering great search results. Together AVG and InfoSpace can provide you those search results with a security layer that helps you and your family to avoid malicious websites.

We understand that not all users will want to use our ‘AVG Nation’ partnered service, and may have installed this service and now wish to uninstall it. If you want to remove the ’AVG Nation’ toolbar and reset your homepage to its original settings, the process could not be easier, just follow the instructions below:

To uninstall from Windows XP/VISTA/7:

  1. Click windows START button
  2. Select Setting/Control panel
  3. Select add remove programs
  4. Select Nation Toolbar
  5. Select Uninstall

For more information and to view instructions for alternative platforms, visit: