AVG hits one million Facebook fansOn 24 April 2012, at exactly 4:09am ET (13:09 CET), AVG hit an important milestone for any company in the age of social media: we attracted our one millionth Facebook fan.

I’d like to congratulate each and every one of our Facebook community members and AVG employees for this tremendous accomplishment.

One million fans. Not even such incredibly social-savvy companies as United Airlines, VISA, Virgin Atlantic or Zappos can revel in having such a large Facebook community.

Many talk about the engagement and interaction that companies derive from large, active communities on Facebook and the benefits this can bring. But at the same time, and more importantly for AVG, it’s about the benefits the community can derive from us.

Our business is online security. When one million parents, students, business professionals, road warriors, gamers, and other people just like you stop by AVGFree on Facebook, it’s our job to make sure they walk away with all the information they need to keep their families, their workforces and themselves safe online.

But at the same time we are not just telling people what to do. We use blog posts, surveys, contests, videos and other content and activities that truly engage our community members. We inform them of safe web habits. We alert them of the latest threats. We recognize and engage our community of advocates and VIPs, so they will continue to help us protect users. We ask. We listen. We respond.

This is how we protect us.

Why is one million fans a big deal? Because there is “safety in numbers”. The bigger our community, the more power we have to help people protect themselves online.

But we’re not done yet, because there’s many, many more to win over, in fact 901 million Facebook users, all using computers, laptops, notebooks and mobile phones to connect to the web.

One million down, 900 million to go.

AVG and I are extremely committed to all internet users and are driven to protect you by making you our customer and part of our protected online community.

Join me and AVG’s community of one million users on AVGFree.

AVG hits one million Facebook fans