AVG is pleased to announce that it has agreed to participate in the Startupbootcamp initiative which helps startup companies with investment and expertise to help their businesses get off the ground.

Startupbootcamp is a European initiative with seven hubs, co-founded by Dutch serial entrepreneurs, Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks. The program includes a three-month bootcamp, followed by three months further guidance and support to secure additional funding for the startup’s next stage of growth.

Along with venture capitalists and corporates based in the Netherlands, AVG will help organize and fund one of the more technical initiatives in the Startupbootcamp NFC (Near Field Communication) & Contactless in Amsterdam which begins on 14 October.

Investing in this initiative is part of AVG’s Research and Development program, which is lead from Amsterdam where AVG’s Innovation Center is based.

“Our innovation ethos is founded on inspiring and developing new ideas both from within AVG and in mentoring others on their own path to growth. Contactless is a growing area and, with our goal of helping people keep their connected lives secure and private, it is very relevant to our own business and so we see real synergies there,” said Shaul Levi, Chief Scientist at AVG’s Innovation Center.

According to ABI Research, the number of NFC devices in use will exceed 500 million in 2014, so contactless technology has the potential to make a massive impact on how people connect to devices and connect their multiple devices together. There are many NFC challenges including keeping such sensitive data private.

Patrick de Zeeuw, Co-Founder Startupbootcamp Global, said: “We are very excited to have AVG as the latest partner in Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless. AVG can provide Startupbootcamp with digital business insights and mentoring for the 10 selected companies in the Near Field Communications and Contactless Interactions program in Amsterdam.”