Today was a glorious day in Sydney, Australia.  It was the warmest day since March, hitting a top of 28.8 degrees Celsius (84F), but it wasn’t only the sun that was shining bright, because it was also the launch of AVG 2014 down under that captivated our lunchtime guests at the amazing Ocean Room restaurant.


And not only was the food magnificent, but there was plenty of “food for thought” on AVG’s incredible leadership position on Privacy and the amazing tools that are helping to secure the lives of technology consumers around the world.

Peter Cameron, our local Managing Director opened proceedings by warmly welcoming our guests (journalists from some of the best known technology publications in Australia) and updating them with some of the recent highlights locally and abroad.

This was followed by Sam Hendry, our General Manager who explained that in the next five years over 2.5 Billion users are expected to come online for the first time as technology continues to expand; bringing with it new challenges, and opportunities for AVG.

Entrees were served and discussions broke out around the table inevitably turning to the revelations from Edward Snowden of NSA’s PRISM program and other related hot-topic issues adding to the growing privacy concerns that many of us have been witnessing.

It was then my turn to take the stage, and present the findings from our latest AVG global survey covering consumer sentiment on Privacy issues and a fascinating insight into the changing face of how we’re using technology.

Some of the great news from our survey is that many people are “getting it” when it comes to some of the basic measures for protecting Privacy, but sadly almost a quarter of Australians (22%) still have not much of an understanding on the settings that are available with many complaining it is too complicated!

Enter the latest cool kid on the AVG mobile app block – AVG Privacy Fix (available for Android and iOS devices from today) which provides literally no excuses to users – making them plainly aware of the key privacy settings for Facebook and Google accounts, as well as a host of other great features, including my personal favorite which is an bulk opt-out feature for Mobile ad-network tracking.

Amid numerous questions from some of our eagle-eyed product journalists, we navigated through the discussion, emerging on the other side with the satisfaction that the launch of AVG 2014 down under was indeed a remarkable success.