Hello. My name is David Ferguson and I’m the General Manager of AVG’s Global Consumer and Mobile business.  I’ve just hosted AVG’s London event on the topic of online privacy to mark the launch of our 2014 product portfolio. This year, we released a number of enhancements to our security and performance products and introduced our brand new set of privacy applications, PrivacyFix – for both PC and mobile devices.

We talked about privacy because it’s as much a critical part of keeping your digital world safe as is online security.

For around five years, consumers have been consuming and creating data vigorously and largely unquestioningly and in many cases unaware of the potential threats to their privacy that they’ve been creating.

It’s arguable that many of these threats are now lurking like ticking time bombs, likely to go off in the future with unforeseen consequences

People are becoming more aware of the trade-offs involved in providing personal information in return for services, but many don’t know the true price of oversharing and over-consuming.

While we enjoy the benefits of so-called “free” online services, we’re only just learning that there is a price to pay.  And that price may be a loss of privacy, identity theft, an “unfortunate” digital footprint, highly targeted ads that feel intrusive, and so the list goes on.

Constant connectivity and the ubiquity of free online services have changed our lives and how we do business. We are all at risk from this data obesity epidemic.

So who’s looking out for us?  Government, online businesses, consumer protection groups?

As with the real obesity epidemic, it’s one thing to talk about the issue but another to tackle it. At AVG, we’ve always believed in securing consumers’ key digital assets.  We’ve been doing this successfully for years.  However, we also believe in empowering the consumer.

We believe in giving consumers the tools that enable them to understand what’s happening to their private data and make choices about how it’s used and who gets hold of it.

And given that so many of us have so many connected devices and use so many services, we have to do this as widely as possible.

We know this because we listen to the 155m people around the world who use AVG, 44m of them on mobile, and we understand how the increasing complexity of the online world is affecting their daily lives.

So that’s why we acquired Privacy Choice, who created the PrivacyFix applications, back in May. We appreciate how central privacy has become to the debate around Internet security and have moved quickly to help provide a solution.

With our AVG PrivacyFix applications, you can choose to review and modify your privacy protection at any time. You can change it, increase it, manage it.

You can keep control of your life online, and protect what’s most important and non-negotiable.   You can do this using a Chrome or Firefox browser, an android phone, an iPhone or even a Facebook app.

We’ve got an unshakeable vision when it comes to giving our users the best products to help them make their online world safe, trusted and private and that’s really what AVG 2014 is all about.