Did you know that the first mobile phone call was made on April 3rd 1973 by Motorola researcher to a competitor at Bell Labs?

The phone he rang on weighed over a kilo and was over 20cm long! In the 40 years since that first call, mobiles have come on a long way and are becoming the cornerstone of a new mobile digital age.

But how did we get to the iPhones and Androids that we have today? Well, it’s not entirely been plain sailing; there were some hits and some misses on the way.

One thing is for sure is that mobiles now allow us to do a lot more than talk to each other, they are the guardians of our most precious data, be it email, texts, or pictures and videos. Never before has our little handheld friend meant so much to us.

That’s why it’s really important we look after it properly. Most people would admit to insuring their mobile against damage or theft, after all it’s worth a lot of money. But what about the data stored on that device? What’s the price on that? Nobody wants personal memories and sensitive data getting into someone else’s hands and products like AVG’s AntiVirus for Android can help stop that from happening.

Armed with powerful antivirus, optimising and recovery tools AVG AntiVirus for Android can help keep your phone free from malware, running as good as new and even help you recover your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

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What are you waiting for? Let’s make 40 a year to remember for our pocket-sized pals. Infographic courtesy of Product Development Technologies