At the beginning of April,  AVG announced the launch of the latest version of its flagship mobile protection app, AVG AntiVirus for Android 4.0.

Already helping to secure over 100 million Android devices, AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android is the most downloaded free antivirus app available on the Google Play Store.

What’s new?

As well as supporting two new languages of Thai and Indonesian, version 4.0 brings with it a brand new interface that makes it easier than ever to ensure that your device is protected.

Users of AVG Zen will recognize the simple ‘Protection’, ‘Performance,’ and ‘Privacy’ symbols as well as a new ‘Anti-Theft’ section on the home screen. These indicators allow you to view at a glance how you can help improve the security, performance or privacy settings of your Android device.


AV 4.0 and AVG Zen

AVG AntiVirus 4.0 is an acknowledgment that security has extended beyond the single device and now includes our families, friends and coworkers. As such we have made AVG AntiVirus 4.0 available through AVG Zen.

AVG Zen can be downloaded from with AVG AntiVirus 4.0 by simply clicking in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and selecting “Manage Devices”.


The power of AVG Zen

Once installed, AVG Zen lets users see the protection, performance and privacy status of all Android and PC devices within their AVG Zen network all from one place. That way it’s very easy to get a real time snapshot of every device on your network and understand what can be done to help protect them.

Expanding your AVG Zen network is easy and with a quick invite, you can help make sure that the people you care about are also protected.

Learn more about AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ or download the latest version here.