1. MS Outlook is freezing after recent AVG 2012 update

AVG Forums users reported MS Outlook startup is slowed down, sometimes freezing. This issue seems to be caused by AVG Anti-Spam component if user has the MS Outlook plugin for AVG E-mail Protection installed. This issue has been fixed by our developers and currently is waiting to be released in one of the upcoming AVG program updates.

If you’d like to test the fix, we invite you to join AVG beta program.

As a temporary work-around, we recommend disabling the AVG Anti-Spam component temporarily. Please proceed as follows to do so:

- Open the AVG user interface and click the E-mail Protection component.

- Clear the Enable Anti-Spam check mark.

- Click Save changes.


Please note this issue does not occur when AVG Free Edition or AVG Anti-Virus is installed, because they do not feature the Anti-Spam component. The issue is limited to AVG 2012 product line only.

Should you need additional assistance, please contact AVG technical support.


2. AVG search on newly opened Firefox tabs

A few users mentioned on forums they would like to disable the AVG default new tab page (which includes AVG secure search). This feature could be disabled by clicking the Settings link in lower-right corner of the newly opened tab:

- Modify the Show AVG Secure Search Box on new tabs in the browser as you wish.

- Click OK to save your configuration.


3. AVG Secure Search

We would like to inform you about new AVG Secure Search. This search facility is included in your AVG Security Toolbar. The search results are evaluated a bit differently now. Remote online database is used for checking the links in search results. This is different comparing to search results evaluation on Google, Bing and other supported search portals where locally stored LinkScanner database is used. Only links containing an active threat are marked with verdict icon. Safe websites are not marked with green verdict icons when using AVG Secure Search. Also, even if AVG is not installed on a computer, the search results are evaluated when using AVG Secure Search as the evaluation is performed on the remote server.


4. False positive alarms

We noticed a couple of false positive alarms reported on forums in the past week. Anti-virus may detect a legitimate application sometimes when a part of its code is similar to a code in newly created malware. This situation happens from time to time with every anti-virus software. Even though AVG implements advanced anti-false mechanisms to minimize risk of false alarms, the situation may occur anyway. If you suspect an application has been detected incorrectly, please submit the respective file to our virus analysts. There are two options how to proceed:

A) Sending via web page http://samplesubmit.avg.com. Please note there is no feedback provided to sender in this case.

B) Sending via e-mail as described in this AVG Forums post. When a sample is analyzed, e-mail response is sent back to sender with result.

More information about false positive alarms is available in the above linked AVG Forums article.


5. Battlefield 3 network gameplay limited by firewall

A few Battlefield 3 users reported network connectivity issues resolved after disabling AVG Firewall. Prior to disabling AVG Firewall, please make sure it is configured to allow the Battlefield 3 network traffic. More information on which applications need to be allowed for Battlefield 3 online gameplay can be found for example on this web page.

If the network gameplay seems to be still limited by AVG Firewall, we recommend disabling IDS as described in this AVG Forums post.

Should you face any challenge configuring AVG Firewall, please contact AVG technical support.