There are hundreds of scams across all the large social networks, and on Facebook they often take the guise of an intriguing video such as the one below:

However, if you follow the instructions to watch a video such as this you are often forced to install an application which often disguises itself as an official YouTube app or something similar.

So you realise you’ve been scammed? What to do? You’ve installed one of these apps but now you want rid of it, just follow these simple steps.


1)      Log in to Facebook

2)      Hit the drop down menu in the top right and select Account Settings



3)      Click Apps in the menu on the left hand side.

4)      Click the X on any applications you want removed from your account.


And that’s that! Remember, only follow links that come from a trusted source and that don’t arouse suspicion. Don’t install any apps unless you are 100% sure that they are from a trustworthy provider.


If you are unsure about any apps or messages you are receiving on your Facebook account, get in touch with our Facebook Community who will try and steer you right.