I remember early in 2013 seeing 4K televisions being demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They were something I thought I would be years from owning and certainly something I didn’t need.

Fast forward a few months and guess what’s on the wall of my lounge? You guessed it, an Internet connected 4K TV.

The time that technology takes to reach the mass audience has been steadily coming down. Gone are the days where you’d have to wait years to get your hands on the latest technology, instead it takes just a few months to reach the general public.

The flipside of this is that whatever tech we’re getting our hands on today is, to a certain level, out of date within months.

This makes predicting what gadgets might enter the Anscombe house in 2014 difficult and writing my 2014 wish list nearly impossible. But I can think of a few things I do want and some things I definitely don’t:

I am a keen motorcyclist and own a Ducati. One of the coolest things I have seen this year is the concept Skully Helmet, which takes wearable technology to the next level with an integrated heads up display.

The display offers GPS navigation both for direction and to give you sight of which bends and junctions are coming up. It also has a rear view camera which will make it easier than ever to understand traffic behind you, something which is key to your road positioning. If the Skully team is reading this then please get me a prototype or early version so I can put it to the test!

Next on my list for 2014 is a Fitbit as I’d love to be able to understand how much exercise I am doing compared to how much I ought to be, especially as I will need to lose a few pounds after the holidays. Creating targets for exercise, calories and sleep will be a great way for me to be motivated to stay in shape and become a little trimmer. I will update you on this one!

So what else could I possibly desire? The curved screen phones look super interesting but the current developments show them with a curved screen covered with curved glass, which of course makes them rigid. I think the technology to make them flexible will be available soon and that will be a game changer as I won’t be worried about putting it in my back pocket and sitting on it! When that technology arrives, you can bet I am going to be calling the AVG IT department begging for a new phone.

Interestingly both of my immediate wants are wearable, something a year ago I would have laughed about and said “Never. Not me.”

But as I pointed out at the start of this blog, the short time to market for technology shows just how quickly our opinions and perspectives can change when it comes to our must have gadgets.

I hope you have had a good 2013 and I wish you best wishes for the new year ahead.

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