I like things to be simple and I try to build my life around this concept. My closet isn’t stuffed with clothes (except of course for shoes) and when I travel I take a single carry-on bag.

I’m currently moving from a house with a yard to a loft apartment in a city, forcing me to be more selective than ever when it comes to what goes, what stays and what comes with me on the move.

As I sort through my essentials I realize that for someone who likes things simple, I have a whole bunch of digital devices!

I carry in my purse (a big one) my smartphone, tablet, laptop and have my PC at home for more demanding work. Each of these needs to be secured, optimized and set up to protect my privacy, something that can take a long time when done manually one device at a time.

This is where AVG Zen™ comes in.

AVG Zen is a new application that runs across desktops and mobile devices that lets me manage my devices from one place to help keep them safer, more efficient and private.

So how does it work? I have AVG Zen on my smart phone and then added the other devices into my private Zen network.  From my phone I can:

  • Manage the privacy settings on my social media and I am alerted when settings change.
  • Take steps to ensure my devices have current anti-virus protection
  • Understand what is slowing down my devices and change settings to speed them up.

The beauty of AVG Zen is that as the family “tech hero” I can also manage the security, privacy and performance of my other family members’ devices as well. I just need to add their devices into my AVG Zen network.

Watch this video guide to learn more about AVG Zen

By the way did I say it’s FREE!  And, there is no limit on number of devices!

From today, AVG Zen is available from Google Play in three languages across six countries.  AVG Zen is compatible with all Windows PCs and Android-based smartphones and tablets. Other devices will be added into the AVG Zen family as the year progresses.

Simplify away! Download AVG Zen today.