The feeling of being relied upon by friends and family to fix everyday technical problems (some of which seem so simple) can be wonderful, and definitely ego-boosting. But there’s a stressful side not often talked about, which is when you realize you’re on call 24 x 7 for “apparently” urgent issues; and usually from people who pay you in loose pennies, cake, or free beer.

It’s the last minute rush of many technical crises that amaze me, especially when you discover the problem is more than a week old.  Many of my friends and family will suffer in silence until that last moment when their “school assignment is due”, or “there are bills to pay”.  I’m sure you know the drill – it’s when you become the real life version of the get-out-of-jail free card.

I’m sure you’ve got stories of when you missed some important family event or function because you were late – why?  Because you were stuck fixing a technical problem for a friend!  In some ways it’s the true test of any self-confessed technology addict.

But wouldn’t it be great to have the heads up (via a mobile notification or pop up message) as soon as your friends start running their technical ships onto the shore?  Being aware of technical problems ahead of time means you can plan appropriately – or arrive on your friend’s doorstep like a caped crusader ready to fix the problem they don’t know they have.  This is the power of AVG Zen.

The other challenge is that you don’t just support desktop or laptop PCs anymore – it’s now about the mobile devices; smartphones and tablets.  And in the near future it will be all the other devices like smart TVs, watches and fitness devices.

Did you know that some researchers are suggesting the average home will soon have more than 10 connected devices?  That could mean supporting hundreds of PCs and gadgets for your friends and family – or in simpler terms, more cake than you can eat and a fridge full of beer!

The explosion in the number of devices used by your friends and family will mean you’re going to need to keep track of them all in one place – a single dashboard to keep tabs on problems as they pop up, so you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.  This is where AVG Zen comes in.

Initially available for Windows PCs and Android devices, AVG Zen allows you to monitor the protection, performance and privacy settings of any device on your AVG Zen network. All it takes is a quick invite.


If you’re the technical superhero in your community, with people relying on you for their security and privacy settings, or squeezing the last drops of performance out of any gadget, then AVG Zen is going to represent a significant step forward.  It will also help you manage how you deal with so-called urgent issues and help you manage your own time more effectively as a result.

I’m so excited about AVG Zen because it will definitely lighten my afterhours workload, and it might even help balance my love for technology with that of my friends and family!

Download AVG Zen today.

Until next time, stay safe out there.