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Android apps by Laihui

You can get an app for just about everything these days, even for the things you never thought you needed, such as star gazing apps, or to the very useful, such as apps to help you locate your phone when you’ve misplaced it!

And it’s likely that new smartphones or tablets will be among the most popular presents this festive season and the simple fact is that a tablet or smartphone are only made better by the apps you have on it.

So we asked our Facebook community to tell us what their favourite apps are for their Android phones and tablets. So if you are the lucky recipient, you at least have a place to start for highly recommended apps.

Let us know what you think?  It’s not an exhaustive list and I am sure there are some apps missed off, so let us know what you think and suggest your favorites as well.

Of course, if you want to stay safe then download AVG Mobilation from the Android marketplace to keep your phone and tablet safe and virus free.

AVG’s Facebook community’s favourite apps

Performance and data improving apps

Advanced Task Killer – helps manage tasks and stops them running and draining your memory

CPU Master – changes CPU speed of a rooted Android phone

My data manager – control mobile data use and save yourself some money

AirDroid - manage and control your Android device Over-The-Air

JuiceDefender - manage your battery life

Useful productivity apps

Camscanner - turn phone to documents scanner

Springpad – a great remembering tool

Trip it – good for keeping your holiday itineraries and plans in one place

Google goggles – search the real world by taking a picture

Barcode scanner – scan barcodes then looks up prices and reviews

AK Notepad – easy note taking

Pandora radio – free radio

Other useful lists of Android apps can be found here – Best Android Apps of 2011 and also 101 best Android apps.

Happy festive and holiday season.

Picture published courtesy of Laihui.