Today, we announced that AVG was selected by Renault to add an extra layer of security to their ground-breaking embedded and connected navigation and multimedia platform. And that got me thinking.

How smart are cars going to be? For Boomers cars are an integral part of our lives yet we face some harsh realities as we age. In several countries you cannot rent a car past a certain age. In other countries you have to pay an extra fee. And while some countries do have maximum age limits, most countries allow you to renew your license regardless of age but with some extra steps such as renewing your license in person and passing an eye exam.

Not having to rely on anyone for a ride is a reinforcement of our self-worth. Cars are an essential part of our identity and ethos. SO what’s going to keep us in our cars? What’s coming up?

Cars already have GPS, multimedia systems, self-diagnosing engines, cars that park themselves and much more. But what will keep us in our cars as we age?

Fortunately there is some pretty amazing technology on the horizon.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology is in use in some places and is being tested in many markets. This technology enables cars to communicate with each other. For example, if I am driving and a car runs a stop sign, the V2V from the other car would signal my car what is happening and my car would stop to avoid the accident. Pretty cool!

Self-driving cars are also on the horizon. In the United States the average worker spends 100 hours per year commuting. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something with those 100 hours and more importantly wouldn’t it be nice to still be able to drive or rather have the car drive?

I am particularly inspired by Steve Mahan, who is one of Google’s first self-driving car users. Steve is visually impaired and in the video below, he shares his story about how a self-driving car would give him the independence and the flexibility to go to the places, where he both wants to go and needs to go.

Car technology doesn’t just stop there; air bags are evolving incredibly fast. Mercedes is testing air bags for under the car designed to stop a crash as well as placing air bags more in cars.

So hats off to the car manufactures for their innovation and my hope is that they continue to innovate! I like my car.

And congratulations to Renault on the launch of the new Renault Clio!