Jawbone UP Review

As a seasoned fitness enthusiast and a person who dreads the first fitting of a swim suit, I am always on the lookout for new apps and devices that can help keep me fit or at least keep me “honest”. I found one with the Jawbone UP device. The Jawbone UP (Full disclosure, I have no association with Jawbone. I just like it.) is a wristband and a smartphone app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat.

It uses the information to provide feedback on your smartphone that can help you stay motivated. The device is made up of a rubberized band that clings to your wrist. One end of the band is a button and the other has a connector which plugs into a smartphone for syncing.

The band is relatively thin and flexible and comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and eight colours: onyx, mint green, light gray, blue, navy blue, red, orange and hunter green. The device works as a pedometer which is worn throughout the day tracking how many steps are taken.

The UP device will also monitor your sleep patterns. You enable sleep mode by pressing a button at the end of the wrist band and the device records how much of your sleep is light sleep and how long you deep sleep for.  (The surprise for me was how different my sleep patterns are with the dogs on the bed than they are with them off the bed.)

The real magic though occurs with the accompanying Jawbone UP app available on iPhone and Android smartphones. The app shows you how many miles you have walked, calories burned and displays your sleep patterns. You can also manually add your mood (should you wish to enter it in daily) and you also can add what you have eaten and track how many calories you are taking in. They did not have a mood for panicked when I look in the mirror at me in my bathing suit but besides that the moods were appropriate.

The big downside I found with device is that there is no display on the device itself and therefore you must connect the wristband to your smartphone’s headset jack to sync the data and be able to see it.  This device also does not connect to a PC. Apart from this, the Jawbone UP attaches itself to my wrist easily, looks good and is easy to use.

If you want to learn more about the device please go to Jawbone.com . Good luck with your quest for a fit bathing suit body!