AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), the authority on all things over fifty, has been speaking out about sexting and seniors. According to them 1 in 10 people sext!  AARP even has several helpful articles for its audience: “Are you practicing Safe Sexting”, “Sexting Not Just for Kids” and “Text Away Your inhibitions”. Yes, it is a new brave world.

A few weeks ago I spoke to a retired community (They were all over 80 years of age) on the topic of privacy and mobile safety. It was a great experience and also a learning experience for me.

The four “lessons” I discussed with the retirees are easy ones for you to speak to your parents about as well. I showed the octogenarians how to:

  1. Set a passcode for their phone. I know this is basic but many had not.
  2. Turn off the text message pop ups. You don’t want the grandkids surprised by a text or photo.
  3. Delete texts and photos often.
  4. Download a program to help them find a lost phone

I was also incredibly blessed by having them bring me up to speed with some new text abbreviations and I thought I would share them with you. They definitely have a sense of humor. Loved it!

OBE        Over Bloody Eighty

DWI       Driving While Incontinent

BTW      Bring the Wheelchair

GGPBL  Gotta Go Pacemaker battery Low

LOL         Luscious Old Lady

BYOT     Bring Your Own Teeth

That’s it for now!