Some say too much security can be a bad thing. At AVG Technologies, we don’t believe there’s such a thing as too much security. You should be able to get all the security and performance you need without having to compromise. Any failure to have both is a failure in innovation.

That’s why I was very excited to meet with Simon Edwards of the Dennis Technology Labs in London, who called our new AVG Internet Security 2013 “very impressive” in the way it provided top-notch security without compromising performance of the machine.

Dennis Technology Labs is an independent testing facility that evaluates personal and business technology, including hardware and software. They specialize in security testing, using a world-class anti-malware testing framework. At the Labs, AVG 2013 was given a thorough analysis, including comprehensive speed and performance tests. Watch the video now:




“We looked at the things that people are most likely to pay attention to,” said Simon. “We looked at things like start up times. When you boot your PC or laptop for the first time, how long does it take to get to a usable state? Running virus scans… and running applications as well. We try and run realistic tests. We don’t use synthetic benchmarks. We actually run real programs using real data to see what happens.”

And how did AVG 2013 do?

According to Dennis Labs’ testing, our boot time is 25% faster than our previous release.

“Your product did a clever thing,” said Simon. “When you run the first scan, every scan after that only looks at the new things that have changed. You had some very fast scan times.”

This was the intention. With AVG 2013, we expanded protections to combat new threats but packaged it in a lightweight solution that doesn’t strain system resources.

In addition to award-winning virus, privacy, mobile and other protections, AVG 2013 continuously looks for performance improvements based on how you use your machine, even optimizing computer connectivity to deliver content faster than you’ve ever seen.

Want to see for yourself? Download the new AVG Internet Security 2013 today, and let me know what you think either here, on Twitter, or Facebook.