Online privacy. Watchdog groups have been getting hot under the collar over this issue since the Internet first began taking over in the early nineties. And rightly so.

But consumers seem to have taken a kind of “what can you do” attitude toward the issue. Many of us have resigned ourselves to the idea that privacy on the web is neither a right nor a privilege – this has seemed to be the reality of being on the web.

That’s about to change.

Our recently announced Do Not Track feature automatically comes with the new summer update (SP1) for AVG Internet Security 2012. It allows our users who install the new update (and we encourage them to do so) to decide what, how, and when they want their online behavior tracked.

It’s not really about keeping our online lives completely private. Instead, it’s about privacy management. And that’s what AVG’s Do Not Track feature provides. We believe tracking management is a logical extension that allows users to protect their identities.

People should understand and be educated about the protection of their online privacy so they can make informed decisions. And that’s just it. With the AVG Do Not Track feature, you decide whether and how you want to be tracked.

If you prefer targeted ads for products you’d actually buy, instead of ads that are completely off the mark, you can preserve that experience. If the thought of advertisers following you around the Internet makes you uncomfortable, you can stop it.

With the Do Not Track feature, how you’re tracked online is completely up to you.

Now, you may ask, what about the tracking controls that come with most browsers?

Some browsers do have such features, but they are often disabled by default. And they are passive in nature as sites honoring these “do not track” requests only do so voluntarily; as such there’s no guarantee that data collection is not happening.

AVG’s Do Not Track feature, on the other hand, is enabled by default as soon as you download the update. It puts online privacy control back in your hands by giving you the choice to actively block tracking altogether, customize how you’re tracked, or to disable the Do Not Track feature.

So, if you haven’t already purchased AVG Internet Security 2012 or installed our Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, you can download the software, and in turn the update, at to take advantage of these new privacy protections.

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