What’s the story?

Nominations have opened for Social Brands 100, a business award that recognizes genuine social media engagement based on a brand’s content and behavior. The awards are organized by Headstream, a UK based Social Media company.

The competition is open to businesses from a wide range of industries. Last year’s report recognized the achievements of brands across retail, consumer goods, media and entertainment, travel, technology and more. It found that any brand can choose to ‘be social’, but it’s not about making noise, it’s about how brands behave with their communities that really counts.

What does this have to do with AVG?

In last year’s report, AVG was placed 15th, a remarkable position and the second highest for a technology company. This year the competition is set to be fiercer than ever and we want to repeat and even better last year’s performance!

AVG has been nominated and we’d like to encourage all of our community members, on the blogs, forums, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to investigate the Social Brands 100 award and support the companies that you think deserve your vote.

If you would like to vote for us, you can cast your vote here.

What do I need to do?

More information on the competition and last year’s results can be found at http://www.socialbrands100.com.

You’ll have to be quick. Nominations close on February 10 so check it out and get voting!