The holiday season has always been about the joy of giving and receiving.

But as more and more mobile devices are given as presents every year, yuletide festivities are also the time when you are most likely to be careless and lose your phone while on the move or joining in the Christmas festivities.

AVG’s recent Lost in Transit survey, conducted by Research Now and polled 5,620 users around the world, found that smartphone users were the most likely to have lost their device over the past year.

Its go-with-you-everywhere nature and small and portable size make smartphones more vulnerable to loss and 41 percent of owners have them left them behind on a plane, taxi, car or train.

We all form a bond with our mobiles because they bring us closer to the things we love most in life.

In a way, they allow us to bring our lives with us no matter where we go—our loved ones, our music, our work and our passions. I guess it’s not surprising that we’re filled with a sense of loss, as well as facing a large degree of hassle, when our portable companions are suddenly gone.

And so it’s puzzling how careless people are with their devices: our survey also discovered that most smartphone and laptop owners don’t insure their devices or protect them with passwords.

And with roughly half of owners admitting their devices contain sensitive data (42% of smartphone users and 53% of laptop owners), losing a mobile device can mean more than simply losing a prized possession.

It also means surrendering information that can compromise one’s financial and even personal security.

See what everyday mobile users (and losers) have to say about their misfortunes when I ask them on the streets of San Francisco and London:

And please, tell me how much you love your device, and what you do to keep it safe.

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Some easy tips to keeping your phone safe


  • Password protect it.
  • Ensure it has security software, preferably with a lock, locate and wipe feature – find out more at
  • Store your phone in the same safe place. Always use that place, so you know where to check for it easily.
  • Check the cab before you leave it after your Christmas party.


This survey was conducted for AVG by Research Now and questioned 5,620 adults in 11 countries across the globe. These were USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. For full results go our news blog post on the Lost in Transit survey (hyperlink to previous post).