There has been rapid growth in devices using the Android platform and with this fast uptake has been an accompanying explosion of apps offering users convenience and entertainment. Recent reports suggest that there are now more than 500,000 approved apps on the Android Market, so it’s important to remember that with the increase in popularity, the smartphone market becomes more attractive to malware writers and potential fraudsters as noted by our most recent quarterly AVG Threat Report.

Nowhere is this more pertinent than on the Android platform where the quality control of the official “Android Market” is less stringent than Apple’s AppStore. Google are working hard to combat this and regularly remove apps found to be malicious but users should be aware of the inherent risk.

You can stay on top of threats and scams on Android devices by following our Mobile Threats blog run by our AVG Mobilation™ team. On top of that, you can secure your device for free with our own AVG Mobilation app which can not only protect you from malware also help you recover your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

If that weren’t enough, our Facebook AVG Free Community of nearly 700,000 users is always full of helpful advice and here is what some of them have to say about keeping your mobile device safe and sound.


AVG Community Top 5 tips for securing your phone against malware:

  • Avoid installing any applications that aren’t downloaded from the official “Android Marketplace”. If you don’t know who made it, you can’t trust it.
  • Don’t install anything that sounds too good to be true! Examples may include “free ring tones” “free wallpaper” etc. Always be sure what your downloading is legitimate.
  • Think twice before “rooting” or jailbreaking your device to allow a lower level of protection than standard Android OS release.
  • Always keep your phone updated with the latest operating system. This will make sure your phone is as safe as possible. You should check for system updates about once a month.
  • Install an antivirus app on your phone. You should be sure to check all settings; make sure the appropriate boxes are checked for the data you are receiving, i.e. web surfing, text messaging and real-time scanner. Ensure that you scan your device regularly and above all keep it up to date!
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