We at AVG pride ourselves on our Facebook community, which at nearly 700,000 members is one of the most active and helpful communities around. To recognize the people that are busy making the AVG community a great place to come and chat or get help for whatever you may need, we came up with our monthly Community Awards. The members which are the most helpful and supportive we reward with special AVG VIP status. So without further ado, here is our latest AVG VIP, Matthew Simm.


“Hello I am Matthew Simm or Simmy for short. I have been working on the AVG Facebook page for about 4 months now helping and supporting people who use AVG on a day to day business. I am currently studying at my local college in Sunderland, UK so I have little spare time. However when I do get it, I primarily use it to help others with any technical problems that they might encounter on using their PC.

The thing that I like the most about AVG is the community atmosphere. No other security provider treats their customers as a family and you feel a sense of togetherness. Also I like how with AVG you can ask for help through a variety of different channels such as Facebook, the AVG blogs as well as the usual e-mail and telephone support. This is not only convenient for the customer but it also means that response times to queries are very fast unlike other competitors.

Also I like the identity protection feature that not only protects you from threats such as key loggers that can steal your identity and log your keystrokes, but it also detects unknown malware that AVG does not currently have a signature for as new malware is created every second.

I can vaguely remember being introduced to AVG around about 2006/2005 back when it was AVG 7.1. I was in school and my teacher received a popup on her computer screen notifying her that the AVG virus definitions had been updated, so that night I went home and decided to try out the software for myself as I did not use anti-virus software at the time. Fast forward about 5 years and I have not looked back once, the software as fast, efficient and easy to use.”

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