We at AVG pride ourselves on our Facebook community, which at over 700,000 members is one of the most active and helpful communities around. To recognize the people that are busy making the AVG community a great place to come and chat or get help for whatever you may need, we came up with our monthly Community Awards. The members which are the most helpful and supportive we reward with special AVG VIP status. So without further ado, here is our latest AVG VIP, Manjoj Choudhary.

“I am Manoj Choudhary, a 20 year old Technology student at National Institute Of Technology in Jaipur, Indonesia.

In the past I have used so many PC security products from a number of well known vendors. I after using them extensively I decided that AVG was the product for me. My PC was free from any virus/scams/adware/malware and the rest.

As it’s my field to dig a little deeper into the technical side, I moved onto social networking sites and it gave me a strong platform to learn a lot about technology.

Now I joined AVG and many other tech pages on Facebook and Twitter. Joining all these really helped me to increase my grip on my field. Today I am a happy member of AVG’s Community.

I recommend AVG to everyone. It’s a great product and moreover its dedication to serve better put it in a separate bracket. When you join the community, you’ll know what I mean. Thanks a lot!”

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