How do you tell if the Internet security product you’re using is switched on and working to protect your identity and valuable data? For most people the thought of wading through configuration options and feature menus to see if everything is correctly selected and properly operating seems like a headache.

However there is now a simple and effective way to ensure your configuration and features are all functioning as expected. The Anti-Malware and Testing Standard Organization (AMTSO), of which AVG is a member, has published a simple set of tests you can take to be confident your Internet security is awake and fully functional.

More specifically, the AMTSO website now hosts five separate feature-checks to see if your software configured to protect you from viruses, drive-by downloads, potentially unwanted applications and phishing and cloud attacks. Each test uses a harmless method to test each feature; by clicking on the virus test, for example, your AVG product will detect the fake code and display a detection screen showing it has been blocked. AMTSO’s tools support more than 15 different security vendors.

The AVG Internet Security 2013 user interface has a simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to see if everything is on – and has a large “Fix” button if it’s not. But now you can independently test as well, to give yourself full peace of mind.