Around the world, some of the most creative minds belong to students, just look at where Facebook, Google, Napster, TIME Magazine, Microsoft and FedEx started. That’s right, in college.

Students see things differently; they ask questions, explore, prod and investigate. Why can’t we do things a different way?

But life isn’t quite as idyllic for students these days. There’s a lot of pressure on students, not just academically but in every area of their lives. Exams, driving tests, money worries, job searching and a crazy social life all stack up to create a pretty cluttered world.

That’s why I wanted to start this blog aimed at students.

Students have got so much going on that often they don’t have time to worry about every little detail, and quite right! When you’re working on the next Google, who has time for smaller details?

The aim of this blog is to keep students up to date with all of the things they care about from the world of technology (we’re hardly qualified to review cars here!) in one simple place.

We’ll pay special attention to keeping you, your ideas and data safe so that you can focus on what matters to you, be it a scuba diving start-up or the next big social network.

So what does matter to today’s scholars?  To find out, we spoke to our Facebook Community for some insight and here’s what you came back with.


So, starting next week we’ll kick off a four week series on the most popular request: Mobile apps, one post a week.

We’ll try and bring you most interesting and thought provoking ideas which will give you the knowledge to make your own decisions about the web and your privacy.