AVG has taken another step in helping its worldwide community of over 98 Million by offering a piece of its technology and know-how to bloggers, webmasters and website owners.

The Website Safety Widgets are completely free and can be used in a number of ways to increase trust and interaction with your users.

Simply take a look at the variety of Safety Badges available below, pick one you like and copy the relevant code to your webpage or blog. Each one offers something different and will display assorted safety information so there is one for everyone.

This allows you to show the world that your website is safe thanks to the daily safety check performed by AVG ThreatLabs engines and world wide community of AVG users.

By clicking on the widget you allow your visitors to see your website safety report.

Here’s the code you can copy and paste straight away:


AVG Domain Safety Widget

free widget

Some of you may know this one already. It’s a well known domain safety check box, we have on our AVG Threat Labs portal. Initially it has been offered for webmasters and bloggers interested in providing security tools on their website.

Given all feedback we received to date, we decided to offer now this search box as stand alone widget available for everyone who wants to be safe online.

This widget allows you to embed a search box on your website, so that a visitor can look up the safety of any site on the web from your website. Here is the code:


AVG Top Infected Sites Widget

free website widget for webmasters

This widget allows you to embed a list of the websites that have generated the greatest number of threat detections over the last 30 days.

Each link then goes to the full site report of that website on AVG ThreatLabs portal. This one has been designed for webmasters and bloggers interested in websites security data.

Let’s summarize

AVG Safety Widgets are super easy to implement, they increase the trust in your site, they may improve your conversion rates… they are FREE!