First beta of AVG 2014 is available

First beta version of AVG 2014 is now available for testing! We’re happy to introduce a set of new features and improvements in our next major version. Apart from further security and performance tweaks we also added a new feature allowing you to delete your files permanently and securely from your hard drive. Visit AVG Beta portal if you are interested in early testing of new version of AVG or just want to find out more.


Improve Your Web Protection

AVG users may receive pop-up with the “Improve Your Web Protection” message.

This offer provides automatic installation of the AVG toolbar that provides protection against malicious websites, AVG Do Not Track feature and AVG secure search. Click the Decline in case you do not want to improve your web protection.


AVG Firewall is missing

AVG 2013 users are often confused why Firewall shows the ACTIVATE NOW status.

We would like to let you know that this is not an error message but information that another layer of protection is available. It is displayed only in the AVG AntiVirus and AVG Free editions because Firewall is part of AVG Internet Security and AVG Premium Security. If you would like to maximize your computer protection and activate Firewall in your AVG just click on the Firewall button and follow displayed instructions.


Where can I find my license number?

AVG license number is required in some cases (e.g. AVG installation, license renewal, …). We have prepared the Where can I find my license number? which will help you to find, recover or register your license number.


AVG Trial expired

During the expiration of AVG Trial version, you will receive the “Don’t lose your AVG protection!” message (the wording may vary).

There are two options how to resume AVG protection once the trial expires.


1) You can purchase a license for the advanced protection you were enjoying.

2) You can remove the Trial version and install AVG Free for continued basic protection.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts.