Earlier this month, we asked our Facebook Community which app (and only one app) they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island for a month.

In the scenario, our shipwrecked community would have Wi-Fi access but be unable to download any further apps.

As you can from this post, our runaway winner was WhatsApp with 400 votes. Clearly the AVG community thinks that friends and family are the best things in life and would be enough to get them through the hard times.

The second place result was not one of the suggestions we provided, but the comments left on our page show that a lot of our community members would take the Facebook app.

Facebook would definitely be a great way to stay in touch with your friends, but it might be a little more useful than that when it comes to being shipwrecked. Here’s why:

Location, location, location

A lot of people forget that when you make posts on Facebook you can add further data such as who you are with and where you are. Obviously if you are stranded on a desert island, who you are with might not be so important but adding your location might just be a life saver!

Spread the word

Whenever you post on Facebook you have options to control just who can see your update, you can even set it to private so that only you can see it! Make sure that your broadcasting level is appropriate for the audience you want to read your message. In the case of being stranded on a desert island, EVERYONE is a good idea!

Memory lane

Another bonus of taking the Facebook app with you would be the memories you can revisit whenever you wish. Pictures of your makeshift shelter, updates of your increasingly feral hairstyles will make great reading for your Timeline. You might not want to share everything though (such as your bad hygiene) so make sure you keep your Timeline clear of unwanted posts.

To check you are not sharing too much information on Facebook you can use the “view my profile as” button on your profile page (under the cog menu).

For more ideas about keeping your profile embarrassment free, check out our Community Tips.